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Facing issues with Wireless ad-hoc networking on Mandrake 9.2---

By Superczar
Aug 5, 2005
  1. Big Long thread I am afraid...But please do read thru patiently:

    What I want--> Setting up a wireless ad-hoc network between my Linux (mandrake 9.2) desktop and XP Laptop

    Wireless Devices involved --> Compex WLU11 USB wireless adapter based on ATMEL chipset on the desktop and Intel Pro 2200 card on the laptop

    What I managed to get done-->

    1- Installed the Atmel WLAN drivers which did not work
    2- Installed the Berlios atmel drivers which thankfully, got the device up
    3- AT this stage, an ifconfig -1 showed the following

    eth0- IP Mask etc....
    atml0- essid "" tx 0 rx 0 etc....

    Note that the device was called atml0 and not eth1 as expected
    4- i did an ifconfig atml0
    5- Did an iwconfig atml0 mode ad-hoc essid home

    now here in comes the problem, when i tried to create the ad-hoc network called home on the desktop, though no errors came up, a scan on the Laptop did not show any available networks....

    I would have given up here, but for this:

    I created an ad-hoc network called xyz between my XP laptop and my flatmate's XP laptop with IPs of and (which functioned perfectly)...with this network up. i did:

    "iwconfig atml0 mode ad-hoc essid xyz" on the linux machine,....lo and behold, it connected to the network and the ping b/w the desktop and the two laptops started functioning perfectly well...

    6 - this probably means that the linux desktop is not being able to create an ad-hoc network by itself.....All it is being able to do is connect to an existing ad-hoc network....

    7 - I need to create the ad-hoc network on the desktop as this machine acts as my gateway machine to my Internet connection.....

    How do I do this?

    1. atml0 is not showing up in the netwroks section of the mandarke control center in the KDE GUI, where do I need to eneter atml0 so that it appears there along with eth0 in the list of network interfaces

    2. How do I do an ICS between atml0 and eth1 as eth1 is the primary Internet interface.....

    Thanks for listening to the whole sob story....Any pointers on the way fwd welcome.....
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