Faint beep when booting


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I have a good Asus P8P67-m, that I updated to Windows 10, ver 2004. Somehow, it started having problems such as a slight
beep when in pre-boot. Then, when booted up, the screen was not so bright, and then, the hard drive started stopping. I upgraded
my PSU from 380 Watts to 650 Watts, and it cleared up the screen brightness and the hard drive power. Still a slight beep.
I wonder if I blew out some component, due to a low voltage condition.
Windows 10 ver 1909, is updating itself to ver 2004, that has new features such as App & Browser Control. Windows Defender
may not allow some things. But what could be drawing more power?

This, could be effecting most everybody who has a computer that self updates, to a new power requirement, unless anyone out there dis agrees with me. One beep.... a memory issue? But not the loud beep. I noticed that a 20 pin PSU connector can run a computer and a 24 pin PSU connector if connected will similarly brown out the PSU, pulling down the voltage rather than blowing a fuse with a switching power supply.