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By krazygluon
Oct 10, 2007
  1. So I'm gonna build my wife and I 2 new computers some time in the next 5-6 months. I'm trying to budget 1500 apiece with monitor & wireless kbd/mouse combo. (My laptop's feeling its age and her frankenbox, although it runs things fine, is too loud and hot for our 1 bedroom apartment)

    What I'm looking to put together is the best compromise of speed, and quiet but effective heat dissipation. I do however have some concerns/ideas:

    Ideally, I think I *should* be able to put together something without a reserator or water cooling that relies on maximizing the use of heatsinks with a modest but well-organized airflow scheme.

    1. Must have SLi. We're gamers and this looks to be the way to go. At the same time, we're not hardcore and I've seen a few passively cooled (no fans) models at the low end of the chipsets. Anyone seen reviews on how these handle?

    2. Whose dual cores are running hotter? AMD or Intel? I know AMD's had the low-heat side of the market for a while, but the last computers I've built were a sock 478 p4 and an athlon 2800, so I'm not sure how the two companies have grown into the dual-core scene.

    3. do the non-reserator water cooling systems do anything to quiet the system or do they just reroute heat faster/better but ultimately dump it to an HS and blow it away with the same noisy fans.
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    First of all, do not bother with SLI. It's ironic that you want a system with low heat dissipation yet need SLI. SLI requires more power than a single card system and more cooling, since two cards obviously generate more heat than one. Also, its true potential only shows in games played at resolution above 1600x1200, so unless you have a monitor capable of that resolution, it's worthless really. So having said that, here's my recommendation:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - Retail - $194.99
    SAPPHIRE 100214SR Radeon HD 2900PRO 1GB 512-bit GDDR4 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail - $349.99
    COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 RC-534-KKN2-GP Black Aluminum & Mesh bezel / SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail - $49.99 w\o $10 rebate
    Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 2GB Kit DDR2-800 XMS2-6400 Xtreme Performance Memory Retail ***Free Shipping*** - $78.50 w\o $30 rebate
    CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W Active Power Supply Retail ***Free Shipping*** - $88.90 w\o $20 rebate
    Western Digital Caviar SE 16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s ***Free Shipping*** - $107.50
    LG L206WTY-BF 20in 3000:1 2ms LCD Monitor Black Retail ***Free Shipping*** - $227
    Tuniq Tower 120 P4 & K8 CPU Cooler - Retail - $44.99

    Grand Total = $1352.26 without shipping. A cutting-edge system that'd be quiet and fast enough for you. The HD2900PRO isn't as loud as the HD2900XT is from what I've read, so don't worry about that. The Tuniq Tower should help keep the processor very quiet and cool even if you overclock it. Good luck and let us know how it goes. :)
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