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By leat
Oct 28, 2009
  1. I do not require any "Sticky", or "Announcement" for this information.
    But, something like that could be useful for preventing this post (i.e this information) to get lost.
    The easier to find, the more people it could help.

    Before I start, note: Some of the information might only work for windows 7/vista.
    But I can guarantee that most of the information should be working for XP aswell.

    Have you ever tried to open a file which your OP (Operating System) did not recognize?
    I'm pretty sure you have.

    It will prompt you to choose between automatically searching the web, or manually searching your computer after a program which can read this file.
    Automatically searching the web, in most cases never works.
    So you check the checkbox for manually searching your computer.
    Here, a window pops up. Displaying most functional programs, or none at all.
    It also has a button "browse" for searching your computer manually.
    Now to the thing here, theres a checkbox called "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" which sometimes is automatically checked.
    If you happen to do like I did, forgetting to uncheck this checkbox.
    It will automatically store this information for permanent use (until you choose another program for it).
    Maybe always opening a .dll file with notepad.exe isn't that bad. Since it actually can read it.
    But what annoys me, now all .dll files have a notepad icon. :mad:
    This might make you confused, making you mix these different file types up.
    We can't have it that way can we?

    //Solutions for this problem is further down in this post.

    There's a way to avoid this "Always use selected program to open this kind of file" in the future.
    All you need is here:
    - I do not take credit, nor do I take responsibility for anything in these provided links.

    If you need to administrate File Associations (untested on XP).
    Proceed to this link:

    The above could be all you need, if your unlike me.

    I couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I had to read on.
    Ex. Setting the default program to open a .bin back to normal (i.e Unknown Application). Which also restores the .bin files original icon.
    I found a solution for restoring .dll files, by removing UsersChoice in registry and rebooting.
    But .bin files.. DIDNT HAVE THAT.
    So I ended up googling again.

    I couldn't find anything, so in a desperate way I posted here asking for help.
    This answer, made me find all of the information in this post, including this final solution.

    - Creds for this dude.

    That link was for Open With - Add or Remove "Always use selected program" as explained further up in this post.
    Which didn't help, but I clicked a link there, which lead me to another link and so on.

    Enough talk, heres a solution to unassociate file types (i.e restoring it back to default) in Windows 7 & Windows Vista.
    Proceed with this link:

    Hope this was useful for you and others experiencing this problem!

    EDIT: I noticed I had failed with such a simple thing as adding a link. :D
    Fixed now. ;)

    I'm leat.
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