Finally better gaming with D-Link DGL 4500

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Apr 23, 2008
  1. Hello! some time ago I posted my bad experience while gaming with consoles (PS3, Wii) and after suggestions and some research I bought the D Link DGL 4500

    So far it works good on gaming but I am a completely noob for such a sofisticated router, I mean I see features I never seen before and I would like to know if someone could guide me through a basic write up on how to get the best out of my new router.

    I currently don't have any n devices so I don't mind about that so much, but my range sucks, a PC through a wall about 20 ft i got only 3 bars of signal strenght, however ping at 46ms with 1Mbps download and 468kbps upload.

    Gaming consoles are working better than ever, not a single drop out after 2 hours of continuosly playing.

    I still think my signal should be better, with an old belkin G plus MIMO I got 5 bars however the conection wasn't consistent.

    Any advice will be highly appreciate it, Thanks!
  2. xXxZxXx

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    The most I can tell you would be to refer to the manual and read up on it. I did read some of the specs on it, and the wireless signal can be increased from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. I'm not sure on what you can do with this model as I've never had one or read up on it much.

    Edit: Do you know how to login to configure your settings, and if so let me know if this matches anything on the control panel.
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    Frequency can be changed. Some WiFi's have adjustable signal strength.

    Moving from 2.4 -> 5 ghz would be good, but ONLY if the system card can also change the frequency being used :)
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    I think this is not the case, since PS3 and Wii are 802.11g and as far as I know that's in the range of 2.4Ghz, besides I need to keep the compatibility for 802.11b since the PSP is b only.

    Also bothers me that my Nintendo DS only can use WEP and the router says the performance will be greatly decreased if I use WEP since N protocol are no longer compatible with WEP, but like I said I don't have any N devices yet.

    Yesterday I ran and it's much better, I don't know if my problem was my ISP but wired I got a much better 7Mbps download and Wireless a 5Mbps with a ping of 46/63ms respectively
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    Some walls have foil sheets on insulated pads which dramatically reduce signal strenght. Others have foil flakes, shredded foil, or plastic or ceramic content that affects the signal.
    You can usually defeat the low signal strength by changing the channels around, or by moving the wireless sending unit around the room. We have found a move of as little as two feet will produce a dramatically better signal...
    Do not put any wireless unit closer than 18 inches to the corners, celiing, or flooring of a room if you want good results. You do not want it close to an older Television, either.
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