FInding out How to Choose a New Graphics Card/Chipset

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Jul 29, 2007
  1. Hey Guys i decided my computer (A Dell Demension E310) needed a new grapphics card b/c the one i have was an Integrated Intel Chipset that did not support some DirectX features and isn't very powerful. I was choosing between some ATI Radeon and nVidia cards. But how can i figure out the system requirements for these cards? How can i figure out my own PCI slot information in order to know which cards can be used?? I went to Dell and ran a test to see which upgrades in video cards i could get and those listed had horrible reviews. Just wondering how i can choose the right one.

    PS - Somewhere around 80 - 160$ would be good

    System Specifications:
    Dell Demension E310

    Microsoft OS MS Windows XP Proffessional
    RAM 1Gb DDR 533 MHz
    CPU Pentium 4 630 (3GHz)
    ROM x16 DVD-ROM
    Audio Integrated Intel Audio (Onboard)
    Video Integrated Intel Express Chipset Family Video (Onboard)
    Hard Drive 160 Gb Sata II
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    This is the best video card you can get for your system.
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    nvidia gv series agp with 256 mb of vram is good to play with any high ended gaming program also make sure you have onboard agp slot with 8x prices vary between 100 to 125$
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    He has 3 PCI slots and only one PCI-E x1 slot. No point in recommending an AGP card is there? ;)
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    now who on earth says that integrated intel chipsets do not have agp slots, a graphic card can not be connected to pci slot unless the board is of baba alams zamana ( meaning of old make) .thats satisfies your query regarding 3 pci slots
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    The Dell Dimension E310 has an OEM motherboard that only has a PCI-E x1 and two PCI slots. Look here under Tech Specs. And there are PCI graphics cards available FYI. Know what you're talking about before posting bull**** like this again.
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