Firefox Does The Rolling Stones,"Paint it Black"..Literally!


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I'm running the latest version of Firefox, along with the extensions, "Video Download Helper", & "NoScript".

This is on a G41 (IGP) Intel board, w/ 2GBs of system RAM.

After perhaps 70+ tabs are open, FF will black out when scrolling, black out tabs, or entire window sets, and finally crash. My other "art collector machine", (P-4 1.5GBs of DDR (!!)) same browser, but only "NoScript", will open literally hundreds without complaint! (Although, at some point, I suppose Firefox does simply get grossed out, and exits).

Anyway, the color value of pure black is 0, 0, 0. So, it seems to me that a some point, the color management can no longer retain the color information necessary, and the registers go to zero. So, my guess is it's acting like it's running out of Vram!

(Yes, there's a question in here somewhere).

Have any of you experienced this? Or, do any of you think a discreet graphics card might help. Or, (perhaps more importantly), do any of you agree or disagree with my diagnosis?