Firefox redirection (misunderstanding with getting help)

By bic23
Apr 23, 2010
  1. Hi, there was a total misunderstanding with my previous post. I did ask someone to look at my computer but I did not do anything to my computer other than follow the directions of Bobbye, and have not installed or uninstalled any program other than what I was advised. I am not posting in more than one forum. I still do need help with my firefox and internet redirecting (although due to following the directions from the tech supervisor on this board my browser no longer redirects). I apologize if I gave the idea that I'm using a different forum or two forums at once. I believe you were in the middle of looking at the logs I sent. If you go to my post titled "Firefox and Internet explorer redirecting" you can see everything that was already transpired up until now (although the post was closed due to the fact that it was believed that I was doing several things at one). Sorry for the misunderstanding and to be clear, nothing has been done to the computer other than what was advised from Bobbye so I would still appreciate the helps. Thanks for your understanding.
  2. Bobbye

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    I don't understand how you can say you are not posting in more than 1 forum and then say you asked someone to look at your computer! You quote my comment about the possibility of Virut which means you did post in another forum and ask for help you!

    You ran programs there and left logs for:
    * Attached File rootrepeal.txt (25.12K)
    * Attached File HJT log.txt (6.69K)
    * Attached File checkup.txt (1.07K)
    * mbam-log-2010-04-13 (15-56-51).txt (881bytes)

    You received a reply there the next day which you did not acknowledge, leaving that helper waiting for your reply.

    Since you quoted what I said here, it seems to me that you were not satisfied with the help you were getting here and sought help elsewhere. There are not nearly enough malware helpers to clean the number of infected systems every day, so to have more than one working on your problem means that the time they spend on you takes away from help from someone else.

    I suggest you return to the other forum- if they haven't closed your thread yet and follow through with the help they were giving you.

    Had you not referred to my comment about Virut, I could accept the 'misunderstanding' you say occurred. But you did, so I don't.
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