Firefox/Yahoo Mail/PDF & WMV attachm't problem

By Bernie157
Feb 8, 2009
  1. My primary browser is Firefox (currently 3.0.6) and my primary email method is via Yahoo Mail (web browser).

    The problem is that I cannot open pdf or wmv attachments for either saving or opening in Acrobat Reader. The dialog starts and I get one window, the one that says No viruses detected and says that Norton Antivirus has done the checking. And has a button that says Download Attachment. When I click that button, I get nothing further and the word Stopped appears in the status bar.

    Note 1. This only occurs for pdf and wmv attachments; detaching any other types, e.g. doc, rtf, xls, jpg -- you name it -- works fine. In those cases the next window asks if I want to open (showing the default app that would open it) or save it.

    Note 2: This only occurs in my Firefox setups on 2 computers. If I am reading my email using Internet Explorer or Avant browsers, I have no problem with pdf or wmv attachments.

    Note 3: Even in firefox, any links to pdf files or to audio or video files that would open in Windows Media Player cause the file to open in the appropriate app or in a Firefox/Acrobat tab or window.

    Note 4. I continue to use Acrobat Reader 7.0.9, having been burned by 8.x and falling back

    Note 5. I don't have Norton Antivirus. I use Avast!

    Any ideas?

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