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Mar 1, 2007
  1. Hey peeps, trying to find a third party firewall thats decent and most importantly totally free (no trails) for Vista.

    I know vista has its own firewall but.. yeh.. you get the point.

    I've tried outpost and the kerio personal firewall, both don't support vista or updated on its website. haven't tried zonealarm yet, although i think i read somewhere it doesn't do vista yet.
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    Zonealarm isn't updated yet. I tried to "install anyway" and it caused me to have problems, so I did a system restore to before when I installed it. I'd imagine there'd be an update soon.

    I checked, and kerio personal firewall(free) doesn't support vista either.

    So I guess it's a "wait and see" scenario.
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    I can`t find any third party firewall programmes for vista, though I`m sure there will be some soon. However, I did find THIS guide to the features of Vista`s own firewall, which I thought you may find interesting. Apparently Vista`s own firewall is a hell of a lot better than the XP firewall which we`ve all come to despise.

    Regards Howard :)
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    thanks for the response guys :)

    i've tried zonealarm as well, and ran into the same incompatible error as well.. i know the paid ones have their vista versions already released (mcafee, norton, CA etc) but i guess it is a 'wait and see' scenario with the rest of the freebies..

    I've had a read about the Vista firewall, and had prior knowledge of it (just didn't know where too look to activate the full functions) so thanks for the leads howard :). And yes, it is a heck of a lot better than the XP firewall, i've turned it on and instantly lost all internet connections :D. It seems i will have to trawl through all the programs that need the net and create a custom rule for each of them to access the net. I guess if there isn't one released by the time i'm going for my trip, looks like i'll have to use this option.

    Oh, btw, don't try and force WinXP compatibility on any installer files.. you'll regret it later..
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    lots of people having problems with vista. it is incompatible with lots of software.

    from the above site:
    Vista Compatible Antivirus:
    avast! Home Free & Pro
    AVG Free & Pro
    Bit Defender 10 (32-bit)McAfee VirusScan
    NAV 2007
    NOD32 for Windows
    Panda 2007 (32-bit)
    ClamWin Free

    Vista compatible Anti-malware:
    AVG Anti-Malware(AV&AS)
    CounterSpy 2.0
    Cyberhawk Free & Pro
    Spy Sweeper
    TrendMicro Antispyware
    WinPatrol 2007

    Vista compatible Firewalls:
    AVG Firewall
    Comodo (Free)
    (not yet 64-bit compatible)
    (still in beta test stage)
    Kaspersky AntiHacker(KISS 6.0 MP2)
    Norton (NIS 2007)
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    thanks for the heads up :)

    comodo didn't want to run its installer on vista so i'm playing around with jetico beta for now.. having past experience with jetico is that its real anal about inbound and out bound connections and have yet to find anything to allow one program access to the network, not just its individual ports only..

    still, for now its somewhat better and less time consuming to config than vista's one.. guess it'll have to do untill i get back home.

    See you in 6 weeks!
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