First 20th Anniversary PS4 sells at auction for nearly $130,000

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Jan 26, 2015
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  1. A standard PlayStation 4 console will set you back $399 at your local retailer. To grab the first of Sony's 20th Anniversary PS4s, though, you would have needed to shell out nearly $130,000 at a recent auction.

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  2. PC nerd

    PC nerd TS Booster Posts: 317   +41

    What kind of ***** actually buys stuff like this? Why pay 500 for an "anniversary edition", when the standard is 200 less.
  3. PC nerd said:
    What kind of

    the rich kind of
  4. Scshadow

    Scshadow TS Evangelist Posts: 511   +152

    Its different when there is a charity involved. Obviously the price wouldn't have been that high otherwise.
  5. thelatestmodel

    thelatestmodel TS Booster Posts: 117   +44

    "What kind of ***** actually buys stuff like this? "

    Console peasants with more money than sense.

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