First substantial Deathloop update adds DLSS and DualSense audio for PC

Daniel Sims

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What just happened? Today, Bethesda and Arkane released the first major patch for Deathloop on PlayStation 5 and PC. It adds many fixes and new features on both platforms, but the main story on PC is the addition of Nvidia DLSS.

Deahtloop's first major patch since launching around a month ago is a little over 11GB on Steam and around 5GB on PS5. Bethesda claims the game's ray tracing performance and stability have been improved for both platforms. However, DLSS on the PC is probably going to be the most significant performance improvement. Ten other games also added DLSS support this week.

Deathloop launched with AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution—a feature that upscales images from lower resolutions to improve performance. Nvidia's DLSS is a more complex attempt at the same goal that requires one of the company's RTX graphics cards. As of right now, not many games feature both technologies, but a comparison from earlier this year of two showed that DLSS is generally more effective.

DigitalFoundry's Alex Battaglia has already taken a quick look at how DLSS in Deahtloop works, and his impressions are positive. He confirms the feature works with adaptive resolution. Battaglia also notes that DLSS can be used at native resolution and adaptive anti-aliasing, effectively turning it into DLAA. DLAA uses the technology behind DLSS, but instead of upscaling a lower-resolution image to improve performance, it enhances anti-aliasing, as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The patch also adds DualSense audio to the PC. The only patch before this one was a minor fix for the PC version's stuttering. The new patch seems to try to further address the issue. Both platforms should see improvements to NPC pathing and reactions as well as audio mix quality. Fixes in both builds should apply to things like laser mines, turrets, and some multiplayer interactions.

For a full list of features and improvements, check out Bethesda's patch notes.

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