First 'Warcraft' movie trailer hits the web, watch it here

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Legendary Pictures has unveiled the first official trailer for Warcraft, the film adaptation of the popular game franchise by the same name.

The trailer, which coincides with the annual BlizzCon video game convention, introduces fans to the human and orc races. The two must join forces in order to fend off an outside attack that threatens the orc’s very existence. It’s pretty clear that neither side thinks too fondly of the other but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Warcraft hits theaters June 10, 2016.

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If I were the force behind blizzard, I will release films based on the starcraft (techs, biotechs, alien techs)and diablo (mythology) worlds.
(not really a fan of Warcraft)


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If I were the force behind blizzard, I will release films based on the starcraft (techs, biotechs, alien techs)and diablo (mythology) worlds.
(not really a fan of Warcraft)
I agree! It would be more interesting probably for prospective audiences if it was based in the Starcraft world or Diablo world. But only time will tell if folks just see this as a computer game turned into a movie or if this movie is able to stand on its own.


As of today, 37 movies based on games, released or in the making, of which very few made a splash at the box office: Lara Croft, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia.

Popularity of the game aside, it takes a special effort at producing, advertising and the story to be noticed. And as far as Warcraft versus Starcraft go, the former is expected to be picturesque, fairy-tale-like, to attract much wider audience than the techie Starcraft, which outside of the gaming community would appeal only to sci-fi fans.

Hurts me saying, as I'm a big fan of Starcraft, which wouldn't stand a chance as a movie against Warcraft.

When the movie is out, I'll definitely go to see it. And I hope, considering the never-ending length of the story, nobody will try to turn it into TV series, or I for one surely will hate it.

P.S. Pity that Ron Perlman isn't in it, for he is a true goblin lookalike.
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It looks ok. It has that Lord of the Rings feel to it which isn't bad. Are they going to turn it into a trilogy if it's successful? The story seems bigger than I expected.


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Firstly I do kind of agree with some of the above comments. A Starcraft approach would possibly be much better. We have just had a massive load of Lord of the Rings shoved down our throats. This film is going to fail, as it will need to compare to such an effort IMO. I neither loved nor hated the LOTR, I have not played WoW, but, it is destined to fail. At least with a new audience, it is just a vehicle for WoW fans, of which I am definitely not.

The problem is Hollywood, loves to turn out trash for money. It is cost effective. Rush stuff, especially with a franchise name and following behind it, it will still make money. Many films have apparently failed in years, when in fact they made profits, just not as big as they predicted, and thus they deem any profit a fail... greedy a holes.

Then on top of rushing it out, you have the dragged it out. How can you drag something out and rush it at the same time. I do not know, but America has proved this over and over. 24 ... a series that got worse and worse. 16 hours of true footage with the massive adverts that filled it. Yet that was still too much. Weak, dragged out plots, side plots that were just "who cares"... Elisha Cuthbert returning to her role continuously for a paycheck while playing out her boring story lines.

Lost, another show that was dragged out. Through a writers strike I believe which ruined it. And then it was murdered in the final season, because although a website from fans had so many ideas and questions, they said, please don't end it with the crap possible ending when you have opened so many doors of possibility. And what did the writers do ? Slammed all the doors and windows of opportunity killing the show off, with everyones respect for it, as it made 6 seasons of a show pointless... pointless.

I just think, that this project would have done better in a Game of Thrones short series format. Where you had time to, build up characters and their attachment to the audience, and yet not dragged it out with too much fluff that people get bored (like I did with this post).

Personally, I will have no attachment to any of the characters, I won't care how it ends. Which is what happened when they did Resident Evil, where MAIN characters from the games, pretty much cameo along side, Milla Jovovich, and you are like, oh yay it's Chris Whatshisface... oh the films over, yeah don't care. Which everyone thinks about my opinion :)


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Nice to see Ragnar getting more work, but I think they would have been better off completely in CG.
I was expecting this movie to be full CG, similar to Beowulf or something, after watching the trailer, I feel that this movie will disappoint a lot of people. But I might be wrong.


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Expected to hear ‘zug zug’ or ‘oookay’ in the trailer… other than that this looks like it should be on the SyFy channel


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I'm looking froward to seeing NPC's standing by a cart with an exclamation mark over their heads! And then watch the actors slaughter 15 scorpions to find three with venom in their glands. Should be epic!

Joking aside, this actually looks really good. I'll go see it.