fitting a dvd drive

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Feb 26, 2005
  1. Can anyone explain in clear language how do I replace a cd drive with a dvd drive, will the existing cables do? Is it a job that a newcomer like me should tackle. I only have room for one drive. Thanking you in anticipation, aberhosan
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    You can do it easily.

    In Simple Language here are the steps.

    Take off both sides of your case. Normally there are screws on the back of the case. Sometimes they can be hidden by a removable panel on the front though.

    Find your cd drive, it is held in place by 4 screws normally.

    Remove those screws, pull the 2-3 connectors out of the back of the cd drive.

    Insert DVD drive, plugging in wires exactly where they were on cd drive, if its a thin one with a black or white connector that came from the cd drive doesn't fit in the dvd drive then dont' worry, its just the audio for cds, XP doesn't even need it.

    Replace the screws.

    Replace the side panels of the case

    Boot up computer.


    Edit: Oh I forgot, Check the jumpers on the new DVD drive. You need to set it to Master. You will see a plastic thing covering 2 pins on the back of the drive. Normally there is a diagram on the drive showing you where the jumpers go for certain settings, Typically MA is master SL is Slave and CS is Cable Select. Put the plastic thing over the 2 that correspond to MA. It is likely on that one or CS initially.

    You can actually leave it on CS if its on that one, but I myself have never used any drives on CS.
  3. aberhosan

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    fitting dvd drive

    Thank you sngx1275. That sounds simple enough, I am looking forward to expanding my limited computer knowledge, before buying a dvd drive can you give me any tips or advice on which device you recommend? I appreciate all your help.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Is it going to be for burning cds/dvds? If so I don't think you can go wrong with either Lite-On or Plextor drives. Lite-Ons don't cost too much either

    If you are just going to buy one to read dvds, its almost not worth it. Burners are almost the same price, espically if you buy a 4x burner.
  5. aberhosan

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    fitting dvd drive

    Thank you very much, you have given me all the information I need, much appreciated. If anyone is browsing this site looking for help with computer problems, then my advice is look no further. This site is tops.
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