Flash game creation tools?

By Spike
Oct 16, 2004
  1. It seems that I've been left with the task of creating a website for a friend.

    She's written a book, and want's me to create a website aimed at a reasonably specific audience to spread the word about it. It occured to me that websites spread best when people like something on them and so pass a link to their friends (well, at least that's what I think for this purpose!).

    One thing I feel would appeal to the audience I'm given (much the same as the 'harry potter' section of society) would be some kind of flash game, but once more I find myself thinking about doing something I know very little about.

    Given the amount of flash now out there on the web, and the amount of developement time such website based 2D games have had, I suppose that I'm hoping that somewhere out there, there'll be some kind of GUI program that takes the technical/scripting bts mostly out of the users hands, giving the user (like me for example) more time to concentrate on the game itself.

    I'm not really looking for anything complicated, and I'll probably never do it again.

    Does anybody know of anything?
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