Flashing/restoring an old iPhone 3gs

By DjKraid
Jul 12, 2014
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  1. Hi there, long time no see...
    I'm here again posting since I have a "tiny" problem with an old iPhone 3Gs, I cleared it and updated it and now I'm stuck in the "Activate your iPhone" screen. It whines that this may take a while however after that "while" the phone says that it can't connect to the servers. I also tried to activate with iTunes but with no luck. iTunes says that there's no SIM-card in the phone...and yet I have restored the phone twice with iTunes and tried several times with 4 different SIM-cards.
    Google is almost my friend, the problem seems to be pretty common with this model and the solution is to jailbreak however that's not an option since the program (redsn0w) used for that doesn't seem to be supported by 64bit version of Windows 7.

    Any suggestions?
  2. DjKraid

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    Turned out that it was the phone operator who had unlocked it some troll way, they sure as hell got their fee but didn't do their work properly so it got relocked when I updated the phone. So now I have been fighting with jailbreaking it, I have been following these instructions to the point but at step 12 ("Just boot") nothing happens, the iPhones backlight goes on and then nothing...no matter how long I wait... any ideas/suggestions on this?

    A few notes:
    - I already asked the operator to unlock (again) and they want to charge their frikin 350SEK fee again for that, I'm not going to give them any more money since it's already done once.
    - I know that there's no warranty nor anything like that when a iPhone is jailbroken.

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