Flip Video camera - computer wont recognise

By schoolTechi
Jul 27, 2009
  1. http://open.salon.com/blog/lpsrocks/2008/12/12/files/flip_ultra_orange1229134492.jpg

    The school I work for have a Flip video camera that uses an inbuilt usb conector to attach to a computer- nice and simple. However when I do plug it in it makes its little beep and then nothing. The compter doesn't react at all, be it a mac, winXP or win7.

    I've tralled google and all I can detremin is that everyone is having issues with this little thing but there are no answers as to how to fix. And from what I can gather there is no point in contacting their support line as the warenty is only valid for 90 days and others are saying that they wont help in the slightest.

    I just need to get a couple of videos off it for a teacher's class and any help would be appreciated.

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