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Dec 24, 2007
  1. Hello, Happy Holidays.

    I am running Windows Vista home premium. When I right click a folder, then go to properties, then under the security tab and hit edit, there is a list of allow or deny boxes to check - the first one being full control. This list is entirely grayed out to me. I cannot check or uncheck anything. I believe I am getting error 1303 when trying to install updates and addons to certain programs because I do not have full control over anything. How can I enable this option?

  2. wildman6801

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    You have to be an ADMINSTRATOR to do this. Log on as an Administrator account. New accounts are defaulted as a limited user in Vista for security reasons.

    Take a read thru this Article at GeekGirl to find out more and how to do this. I don't have VISTA on my current computer to give a step by step on how to do this.

    I do not recommend to disabling UAC thought. It is their for a good reason. It will prevent you from making a system wide mistake like formating your hard drive and such. New software will cause fewer and fewer problems with UAC. Vista is a new operating system, keep this in mind.
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    Sorry, I neglected to mention that I am the administrator. The UAC is disabled, however I turned it back on briefly to see if that was somehow the problem but its the same error code when trying an update or addon. It seems to have nothing to do with this particular problem, it just annoyingly asks redundant questions about whether I want to do what I initiated or not.
  4. wildman6801

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    Are you logged on as the account "ADMINISTRATOR" because if you are not then you have a limited account. Any other account in Vista is a limited account. This is a security feature in Vista. Please look over the link in the last post for more information.
  5. azulyn

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    Yes. I am most definitely logged in as the ADMINISTRATOR.

    Also - this issue may or may not be related - I wouldnt know, apparently I'm an *****. Under User Account control panel (windows vista home premium version) there are two choices that are for some reason disabled - Configure advanced user profile properties and Change my enviornment variable.
    I am logged in as ADMINISTRATOR.

    Here is a quick tutorial to how to run your account as a true administrator. However this problem remains for me. If this method still does not allow full admin priveledges then what in the world does?
  6. wildman6801

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    I'm not quite shure either. The account that is being log in as an adminstrator also called "Administrator" is suppost to control everything.

    Unless you may have selected the folder or a file and uncheck the Allow or Deny column while having the "Group or user names" selected as "Administrator". If this is done than you will not be able to make any changes and will not be able to view the folder or file. Also you will not be able to change it back once that was done. This also happens if you select the group "Administrator" and remove the security permission by clicking "Remove". This is only what could have happened. I don't have Vista right now but I am going to get it within a few months.

    I have thought searched the Internet for a possible solution. I found another thread on another tech site that may be of help.
    Take a read thru it because it may help out a little.
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