Ford, Google working on cars that adapt to driving habits


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U.S. automaker Ford is partnering with Google to create an in-vehicle system that could receive data in real time and maximize the efficiency of hybrid or electric cars. The collaboration…

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Speaking from an city with a large retired/aged population, I could see how this tech would be quite a boon for the rest of us. Any onboard system that will automatically compensate for driving half-in/half-out of the traffic lane, turn indicators left on/not used and an over reliance upon first and second gear can't come soon enough. How the system compensates for drivers randomly hitting the brakes/lane changing for "For Sale" and "Yard Sale" signs could signal a major evolution in A.I.


Car: Good Morning are you going to street race?
Driver: Yes
Car: Your vehicle performance has been optimized for your trip. (Car secretly calls police)


Apparently, no one invented "common 'driving' sense" technology yet. I'd invest millions to that!