Forum and Firefox slowdowns

Julio Franco

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I was hoping to gather some feedback from you guys, even when it's a tad late for doing so...

Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 I have had slowdown problems with Firefox and the TechSpot forums. I know this is not limited to TechSpot because it also happens in other JavaScript-heavy sites. I have since reinstalled Firefox, tried a million different things, but there's definitely something wrong with the browser considering that other alternatives like Chrome and even IE work just fine.

This, by the way, only occurs when logged in (browsing as Guest works fine) and does not happen in the main site either.

Any other Firefox users out there suffering from similar issues? I hope Firefox 3.6 can fix whatever it is broken in 3.5.


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Yep. I switched to Chrome shortly after updating to Firefox 3.5 -- I only use Firefox for specific tasks throughout the day (because of add-ons).

I can't really comment on the difference between browsing TechSpot as a Guest and my registered account, but there is certainly a significant difference in speed all around on many sites -- which is unfortunate, because Firefox has been my browser of choice for a while now, and the add-ons mean a lot to me.

I'll continue using Chrome as my primary browser until things get sorted with Firefox.


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I'm on Firefox 3.6.6 with plenty of plug-ins and about 24 add-ons, running on a normal old laptop with a dual core and 1gig of RAM, and I don't have a problem with TechSpot Forums.
Edit: My bad, this post was since Firefox 3.5, it did have some problems especially with forums like you mentioned.

Julio Franco

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I keep having them no matter what with the latest version of Firefox 3.x.

Running the FF 4.0 Beta and I'm glad to report that it's smooth sailing all the way, but... no add-ons just yet.