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By captaincranky
Sep 13, 2008
  1. I missed the season premier of "Terminator; The Sarah Conner Chronicles". I could install a movie player from Fox and watch the episode but, I was wondering if anyone else had installed it, and what were their thoughts on it. I have 768Kb DSL so I'm not sure if that would be fast enough for this application. What thinkest thou(s)?

    It seems every network has it's own movie player software. I also wondered if they would play well together?
  2. SNGX1275

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    I doubt there will be any conflicts. I have not installed it though. I don't have much else to do tonight (well that I want to do at least) so I can try it on one of my machines.

    I think the 768 will be ok.. I highly doubt the networks would 'stream' anything above 512.

    Update: I figured IE7 would be the most compatible with this, so I tried that. Would not open the video, just sat there spinning. So I tried FF3, it installed an extension. Watching now, the quality is about like Netflix's streaming. I am dling at faster than 768 while playing this.. but its probably just dling fast to buffer...

    Full screen isn't fullscreen either, it is just 'full window'

    Edit2: Turns out they have a little bar that supposedly leads up to "HD". Mine sits between HD and 2 blocks below HD. For a bit just a min ago, it dropped down to 1 block, and the screen got really pixelated. So it could be similar to Netflix where I believe the speed is somewhat dynamic. Here is what my downstream has shown during 3 different times..

    [19:51:31] <sngx1275> Current Downstream: 192.98 KBytes/s
    [19:54:59] <sngx1275> Current Downstream: 191.52 KBytes/s
    [20:05:10] <sngx1275> Current Downstream: 199.49 KBytes/s
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    You're a Far Braver Soul Than Myself, I Thank and Salute You.....

    What is your connection speed?

    If you had this to do over would you?

    Is the slider you speak of set by you, or determined by the player/ video stream.

    I guess my question there is if you were running FIOS or such, do you think the video stream would hit "HD"?

    Afterthought; "Chuck" season 1 is out on DVD next Tuesday. I'm sure you knew that though. NBC's rushes for the show highlight Sarah getting some new undies, tacky yes, but I'm on board with it. Maybe when it hits syndication they'll give her day of the week jobbies.

    Update: My lust for Summer Glau got the best of me, I installed the player and it works fine. I'm getting only about half the way to high-def, but it's still quite watchable. I thought it would be an installed program, but it's only a FF add-on. (That's just for others who may be interested). I guess am addicted to the show, the sexual tension between John Conner and Cameron is always great. Plus, it could give rise to a new colloquialism; "what's wrong honey, you're acting like a terminator with PMS".

    Oh, I almost forgot, good info at some personal effort to come by SNGX1275, so thank you very much.
  4. SNGX1275

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    I have 3Mbps down. It would occationally bump up to full hd on the bar, but I don't think that really means much. I never noticed a quality chance when it was 2 blocks away and when it was all the way to HD.
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