FPS Drastic Drop when inactive

By akassem
May 27, 2014
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  1. So I have a really weird problem, my laptop is an acer, I7 intel core, Gtx760 and 8 GB RAM. every game that I play works great and everything but when I have a game on or even watching a youtube video and just leave the laptop inactive without pressing any button or moving my mouse, the FPS drops drastically. the sound is normal but if I'm watching a video on youtube it gets really slow or when I'm playing any kind of game and just leave the laptop inactive for a few minutes it get's really slow; but once I press any button or just move the mouse pointer it jumps back to normal. normally this isn't much of a problem but now I can't watch youtube videos without moving the mouse pointer all the time, nor can I play games with my Controller since FPS still drop a lot as if I'm inactive. what's weird is this never happens when I'm watching movies on VLC. please someone help
  2. St1ckM4n

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    Do you have power plan set to High Performance?
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  3. akassem

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    Yea I have but it's okay now I figured it was somekind of bug so I refreshed my hard disk using windows recovery and it's fine now. Thanks for replying though

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