freezing/ stuttering

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ok, i've had about enuf of this comp of mine! i have tried everything to fix my problem but i just can't seem to do it.

here is my problem:
when i play my games or listen to my music, i get a freezing or stuttering situation

i cant fix it. i have tried to re install the game, i updated my drivers for my audio/video card, but no matter what i try- nothing seems to work. i have a decent comp
  • p3 processor, 600 mhz,
  • 40 gigs,
  • 320 ram,
  • allegro audio/sound card

so i should not have this problem.
if any 1 can give me some tips or solutions; plz do, because i have had enuf right now and i am going to snap and take out my comp with one big match!
i left a thread b 4 but i think it was not specific to my problem; so i didn't get the answers i needed. i know there are lots of comp geniuses out there, so if u could give me step by step info i would be really happy.

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What type of video card do you have? That may be the root of your issue..

Once you respond back I'll have a better idea of what may help your situation

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As regards the audio in games at least anyway click on start, run, type in dxdiag & hit Ok.
In the Sound tab, lowering the Audio acceleration level a notch.


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thanks for the tip- but its my video that is freezing, only for a split second- but it takes the fun out of the games with that kind of lag. i used to have a good running comp, now it just seems to get worse by the month.
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