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Jul 4, 2006
  1. OK so I upgraded my pc and got a Ge-Force 6100 M9 with an athlon 64 3200 939. After I turn my pc on I would say that maybe 15 mins later it just restarts. I already replaced the psu thinking that it would be that and it still does the same thing. Heatsink is working fine too. Can anyone offer me some advice on what to do? oh yeah and for some reason my hard drives end up really hot. thanks
  2. Tedster

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    what size is your PSU? If it less than 450W it's not enough.
  3. der0

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    its a 520W
  4. Gars

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    it seams to be temperature problem
    chek that you have a proper amount of thermal paste betwen the cpu and the cooler and they are stick well together
    befor that u may enter in the bios in hardware monitor section and see if the temerature is rising


    PS. The proper temperature of this cpu is around 41'C (108'F)
  5. der0

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    well the temp on mine is about 46 so I guess it isnt that bad, and I added the whole tube of compound before setting the fan on the cpu. I've never seen a problem like this one before.
  6. wolfram

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    What`s the PSU manufacturer and model, and how many amps it pumps on the 12V rail?
  7. t3chb0y

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    I might've had the same problem with my hard drive...I think that your hard drive might be overheating...

    buy an additional hard drive cooler and it should be able to solve the problem ( that's what I did )
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