Frmwrk32 - Logs attached, Please check and give feedback

By Xebec
May 26, 2009
  1. Yesterday my background had changed and I was barred from changing it. There was a notification on the taskbar asking to run a spyware cleaner. Also, I was unable to run task manager. I opened up msconfig and determined the culprit was most likely frmwrk32.exe. I unchecked it from the startup processes and then used the 8 step removal process.

    I finished all the steps, and I attached logs. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could check them and give feedback on any further fixing I may need to do.

    EDIT: Although that problem was fixed, I am now facing a much bigger problem. When I try logging onto my account, I immediately get logged off. I googled this problem and I think it is a login - logout loop. I'll be digging out an installation disk sometime within the next few days if I can find it to hopefully fix it. Any help on this issue is welcomed.
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