Froze on the XP logo

By Btiex
Mar 10, 2009
  1. Hi my name is btiex !! how are you ? i hope good.

    I have a problem with my desktop is a AcerPower2000, It has a year old and is functionality was good until yesterday when it has a problem with the network and the program that i was using. suddenly it log me out of the program and then i could'nt enter. I restarted the PC then i has a problem when restarting.

    The computer get froze in the moment when the screen is on the XP logo with the color line loading the only thing i can do is turn it off.

    Can anybody help me to solve this problem please, i still have this problem.
  2. Neonic

    Neonic TS Rookie Posts: 24

    Can you boot to safe mode? (Press F8 during boot up, just after "Verifying DMI Pool Data" and before the windows loading screen)

    If so try to use "Last configuration that worked" from the same menu as Safe Mode.

    If that doesnt work go back into safe mode & check the event viewer (Control Panel > Admin Tools > Event Viewer) if there are any errors post them here along with your system specifications and Which version of XP you are using (Service pack 1 2 or 3)
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