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Frustrating Audio HDMI problem

By Liam8
Apr 14, 2010
  1. Hi guys,
    Hoping you'll be able to help me with a really strange problem that has me stumped.
    My current setup is:
    4gb Ram
    Pentium i5
    Gigabyte P55-Us3L motherboard.

    Up until recently I had an 8800GT graphics card. Using the DVI output and an adapter for DV>HDMI cable running into my HDTV. I also had an audio jack running from my rear speaker slot into my HDTV for audio. All worked fine, no problems.

    Anyway recently the fan on the 8800GT broke and I bought a 9800GT to replace it.
    This card has a DVI output and a HDMI output, so I decided to just use a normal HDMI cable, set up the card and plugged everything in and I get both video and audio, so I know the hardware configuration is correct.

    However, often when I go to start a new audio process (i.e. watch a youtube video or start playing a game) the audio will not play and I will have no more audio until I restart my comp. This seems to happen at random and never in the middle of a task, i.e. I don't lose audio while playing a game but if I quit the game and watch a youtube video the audio never plays and I have no sound on my computer at all.
    Now this was actually bearable as due to the randomness I would often get my video file or game working with sound just by restarting, but recently I installed Dawn of War 2. The first time I played it I had audio but now I can never get audio when playing it and again it stops all audio on the computer til I restart. This is the only time it has ever happened repeatedly for one specific thing.

    All my drivers are up to date.
    The computer registers audio being played and the equaliser reacts when testing etc.
    If I plug headphones into the rear speaker slot I can get audio on them even when none is playing through the TV, but if I link up my TV like I used to I get nothing.
    Finally I tried the old set up of using the DVI>HDMI and audio cable but that results in the same problem.

    I'm really confused, the hardware seems ok because the audio DOES work, it just seems that something is conflicting or the TV is unable to receive the audio after something triggers.

    Unfortunately I've been unable to find anyone else with the same problem. I'm just trying to solve it either with audio over HDMI or even just back to my old set-up of DVI>HDMI + audio cable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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