FTS Computers -- legit or not?

By Stobb0
Apr 27, 2012
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  1. Hi all, recently I was searching around for a good Gaming Desktop and stumbled across this:
    It seems like such a great computer, considering what I want to do with it is play Minecraft. But I'm slightly concerned about it. It has half the price of its similar spec competitors, and what I want to know is: Is it legit or not?
  2. Zen

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    Personally, the system look pretty cool to me! I spent like 10-15 minutes giving the system...."on paper"....a look over. Now if this was an Intel i7 chip, yeah I might be a little wary of the 373.77 Pounds price, equaling $604.46 American dollars. But for me to build a system like this for a client, I would mentally figure somewhere around $550.00 on the low end and maybe like $725.00 to $750.00 on the high end. So falling almost in the middle of my mental price estimation of around $605.00 sounds about right. I'm sure other around here might chime in and give you their opinion, maybe they will see something here that I'm not. But for all intents and purposes I would say "why not" and "give it a go"!

    Go with your gut, see what it say's, if it feels good about this.........then go with it! If your gut tells you whoa slow down, something ain't right.............stay away from the deal then!

    But if you do this, you'll be able to play more than just Minecraft!

    Good luck...
  3. Buckshot420

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