Build a PC Fujitsu P7010 hard drive upgrade

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I just bought a P7010D and want to replace hard drive with Hitachi 7K60. Has anyone replaced a hard drive on one of these? There is no easy access on bottom, might have to remove keyboard for access? please help. :wave:
I am wondering the same thing... anybody know where theres a service manual or something for the P7010?

Also what size is the HDD?



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I looked up the laptop on the manufacturers site.

On this page, it says that it is not possible to upgrade the RAM in that series of laptops. It is likely that if its not possible to upgrade the RAM, then it will also be impossible to upgrade the hard drive
I am looking at the two banks of ram on the bottom of the machine... They are accessible via two simple screws and definitely upgradable.

And the HDD is upgradable, it just isnt what is typically referred to as "user upgradable" because it requires a significant amount of disassembly...
i'm also looking for a disassembly manual or similar for the fujitsu p7010.

here is disasselby instructions for the older b112 laptops by fujitsu. something similar, or any official servicing manuals, would be MUCH appreciated!
Yo tuve el mismo problema y la solución es sencilla;
1.- Quita la bateria
2.- Quitar los 3 tornillos de la parte delantera
3.- dar la vuelta y con cuidado quitar la tapa que tiene el touchpad

No hay que quitar más tornillos ni es nada complicado.

In english (inglispitinglis)
1.- Remove battery
2.- Remove the 3 screws from the front
3.- Turn on and remove the tape of the touchpad carefully

Is not necessary remove thekeyboard

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