Fujitsu siemens amilo Pi 1536 notebook dvd drive disappeared?

By anarhopunk
Feb 25, 2007
  1. Ok I got a fujitsu siemens amilo Pi 1536 notebook with windows xp home edition SP2.My problem is that my dvd drive disappeard, the computer was never opend, so it couldn't be a cable problem, and the dvd not only disappeard from the explorer but I can't find it in divice manager either.I already had a problem like this exactly after installing DEamon tools x.84 but managed to reinstall windows.If i put a dvd\cd into the drive nothing happenes, aaand that way I can't reinstall windows(don't remember how I did it last time btw)...
    Someone please help me and maybe you know a way to fix it without reinstalling windows...
  2. gsm

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  3. sikobiko010

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    password bios Amilo Pi 1536 help plz
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