[Full] HoneyComb V7.1.5 for WMT2.0_105 & WMT2.1.1_105 03/01/11

By tipstir
Mar 1, 2011
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  1. [​IMG]

    I've made a new Market shown above not just the icon is changed. Goal is to change even the main task bar icons as well. Might be sometime in March for V7.2.0 for that version. Look for V7.1.5 coming out shortly. Icons will be more for HoneyComb, wallpaper is fixed now you can choose 22 all new ones.

    Tablet Requirements:
    Prior Build Numbers: WMT2.0_105 OR WMT2.1.1_105
    256MB of RAM
    2GB NAND Internal Storage
    16GB External Storage
    Vibrates when you turn on power
    Green Power On
    Red Charger
    Ports are Black ONLY NO GREEN HEADPHONE!
    24-pin or 30-pin Slot
    7" Screen Size
    800x480 Visual Screen Size
    Gome Flytouch1 (Epad), Maylong M150A10, M150A11, M150A12

    (What's New!)
    HoneyComb Clock Widgets (2x) provided Is now included and ready to use.
    Upgraded Dock Box Launcher (Sharper & Quicker Now! and less memory used)
    Fixed & Added 22 Brand New Wallpaper with Gallery based on ACADEV Gold Signature Series
    HoneyComb (Gold) Version of Market included
    Added Camera and Camcorder
    Added CopyCat Game
    Added Docs to Go Full
    Added Dolphin Browser for JetVD Try and you'll see why!
    Added Amazon Kindle
    Removed ES Task Manager
    Replaced with Android Assistant (Better) Try and you'll see why!

    (Glitches Known)
    Camera, but Video Camera Works

    HoneyComb V7.1.5 100% Rooted with Market Gold ROM MOD

    High Performance: PS (Download Here)

    Download and unzip the file to your PC
    Copy Script folder to your MicroSDHC Card root
    Make sure power is going through the device doing the Image Update
    Do Not remove power or try to turn off your tablet during the Image Update
    Wait for being prompted to remove the MicroSDHC card
    Rename the script folder to new_script or remove it
    Wait for your tablet to turn off
    Now turn it back on
    To unlock slide the slide lock to unopen
    Home/Back Button


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