"Full" install on/ to a pendrive

Rick Miller

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I've had an ongoing problem w/ "installing" a LinuxMint distro to a pendrive and getting it to operate correctly. The biggest failure is lagging/freezing. I've used a number of pendrives from 8 to 32GB, both 2.0 and 3.0. As I do expect a slight bit of lag (from the pendrive(s)) what I experience is far beyond reasonable. I used to have LM 17.2 on a pendrive and it operated well. LM 18 and 19 have been big disappointments. I've used several different methods to "install" the O.S., but by-in-large, used the LM "installer" provided w/ any distro.(desktop distro). Wondering if #1. anyone is running a "full install" of any distro from a pendrive #2. What, if any, problems do you/did you have? #3. Were you able to "fix" those problems?

:confused: Rick