Fx 5600 ULTRA

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Hello. Does anybody know how this card performs? There going for 42 english pounds at the moment on Ebay.


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This card delivers abot 13gp/s which is average, if you really wanted a gaming card i would go up a bit, i have heard that the GeForce PCX 5950 is not bad for average gaming. But i think a nice card is the Ati Radeon 9800 which is around the £80 mark.

But if you got it cheap then the 5600 ultra is ok but would not run games that well.



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hhhmmm I've seen a thread around here somewhere that sayd something about
ebay, that your better of with a working card then a broken one.
what I'm trying to say is: Don't buy a vidcard from ebay, anyway not a wrong one
since I probebly can't stop you anyway :haha: .

Back on topic, 5600 Ultra is a good card but if you could tell us what you are going
to use it for then maybe we can recommend something different.

good luck :wave:


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I picked up a PNY FX 5600 Ultra and it runs great. It clocks at (425/850) not top of the line, but I got it for $50!
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