G-Force 8800 Possible Issue ?

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Mar 3, 2007
  1. I bought an 8800 not long ago. Its the 768mb one, the big mutha *$&%. Anyway... I'm running it and all my other techno-crap off of a Mushkin 550W psu. It runs alright, but I seem to be having hampered video performance. After reading many reviews, I'v noticed that this card seems to be the messiah of video, but I am unable to run games such as second life, joint ops and even programs like 3Ds Max at the speed I would like to. It could just be me, but I receive a lot of crashing and video related glitches in those programs (flicker, major lag, etc) anyway, I don't get the great fps I want. Any ideas on what might cause this ?
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    It may be running too hot. Check out the CPU's temperature too. You can use Everest Home Edition to check them out.

    Also, what about your power supply? How many amps does it provide on the +12V rail(s)?

    And finally, do you have the latest video drivers, and the latest DirectX 9.0c?

    Regards :wave:
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    Im not at the comp right now, but I do know I have 7 fans in total in the system... It keeps my whole bloody room cool, so I doubt its heat :p I have the latest DX, but as for vid driver, I only installed the one that came with it when I got it about a month ago. And as for the psu, the specs are below...

    Output Voltage: Min. Current / Max. Current +12V1 DC: 0.1 A / 20.0 A
    +12V2 DC: 0.1 A / 20.0 A
    +5V DC: 0.5 A / 30.0 A
    +3.3V DC: 0.3 A / 24.0 A
    -12V DC: 0.0 A / 0.8 A
    -5V DC: 0.0 A / 0.5 A
    +5VSB: 0.0 A / 2.5 A

    Total Power:
    +12V DC Total: 336W
    +5V DC & +3.3V DC Total: 250W
    -12V DC / -5V DC / +5VSB: 25W
    Total Output: 550W
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  5. wolfram

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    That PSU is good enough for a 8800GTX. It has 40 amps available on the 12V rails, so its more than enough :)

    The problem may be your outdated video driver. Try to uninstall the old ones, and download the latest driver package from www.nvidia.com

    Regards :wave:
  6. Quipster

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    Alright, updating now
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