Gadget enthusiast builds real-life James Bond laser watch

Shawn Knight

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What happens when you take one part laser weapon hobbyist and one part gadget enthusiast then mix in a bit of James Bond inspiration? You get a laser watch, of course!

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Nice. It looks a helluva lot better than some smartwatches and not to mention a lot more functional and desirable than all of them that are on the market right now.

Uncle Al

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This looks like it would be great to run the cat all around the house ...... on second thought, those ballons didn't fair so well and I'm afraid I could create one PO'd ***** cat! lol

Greg S

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It's not hard to build 1W+ blue laser pointer/torching device. It's just a matter of how much battery life you can get out of a watch sized device.


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Laser should come out 90 degrees from your hand rather than above your hand. Less chance of accidentally burning the top of your hand.


What I really want is a wearable goggles that can shoot laser just like Cyclops in x-men :D


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Because he values his sight?
lmao really?! thats what change it 90 degrees mean to you..

Thought never crossed your mind that it could be coming out of the the top of the watch where the strap that goes around the arm attaches?
You know the totally logical and obviously safer place to put it so the beam would ALWAYS point away from the body/face/everything that could be a problem.

Common sense, it REALLY isn't that common after all.