Game Issues with Radeon 9600

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I bought a new computer before christmas and it has a Radeon 9600 graphics card in it. When I try to play games with alot of graphics eg. The Sims 2, NFS2 and Age of Mythology the system crashes. I can still hear the CPU but the screen and speakers go dead. The specifications of my computer meet are higher than the recommended specs of the game so whats going on?

Can anyone help?

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bad luck hey

the sims 2 is a peice of bad programming expect problems

update to the latest driver from ati web site

install lates direct x


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When you say "the screen and speakers go dead" do you mean that the screen just halts showing the same picture or do you mean that you get no image on screen when it crashes?
Setting graphical options in your games too high could make the image on screen lag so much that it will seem as if the game has crashed.
Also overclocking a gfx card too much could cause crashes.

And just in case you don't know where to get those drivers:
are the places to go.
I have the latest drivers and Direct X and when i said "the screen and speakers go dead" I meant the screen goes black and the sound stops, (also the lights underneath the screen on my CRT flicker
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