Game lagging

By spitfighter
May 2, 2009
  1. Can somebody pls explane how can i improve FPS in game called DARK ORBIT
    I dont know if it is a glitch, problem whit server or on mine comp or ISP.
    Game keeps freezing and my ship moves out of control etc.....

    2-3 month before i didn't had any problems now they are frightening me.

    I have 2 comps and have same problem on bouth. 1 is working on wireless network and other is connected with cable.

    MY PC hardware are: Windows XP, CP 1.6 GHz (i think Athlon), RAM: 1 GB, Video card: NVidia GEforce 9600 ( 256 MB) and it is on wireless network, and internet speed is 4mb download, 1 upload. ( i think that is in a second ) anyway it sad wireless connection speed 50 MB/S.

  2. AdriMagnon

    AdriMagnon TS Rookie Posts: 20


    I'm at work and the firewall won't let me see Dark Orbit but it appears to be a Browser game. Off the top of my head I would update my Java and flash on my computer as well as use a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Use Task Manager to make sure that no unnecessary programs are running in the background using up my CPU cycles and RAM (like spooler.exe). If there is a setting in the game for detail and image quality turn it down if it is up. Other than that I would think your connection us having something to do with it. Get a free program called NetStatLive by Audio-X (I think) and run it and watch your packet count. Maybe you'll see it drop when the stutter happens.

    Good Luck,

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