Games Crash in random places, gives "send error report" message, HELP!

By james_k1988
Jul 6, 2005
  1. My m8 had been having real problems with this machine. It has been fine for a few months untl now.

    Lately its has been awful, it would complain that files were corrupt when they werent. Saying it couldnt find files and give a path to teh temp folder, it would even give the Blue screen all teh time, but i got a hold of it :suspiciou

    I reformated the machine completely, and everything seems ok cept games, He still has the same problem he had be4. It happens on all games but ill just use Medal of honor as thats what he plays most an it happens on that alot.

    You would just be plying happly and it freezes, and comes up a message saying "Medal of honor has encountered an error an needs to close" and asks you if you wanna send an error report. I changed sum of his parts with mine to see if i got this message, an if his froze, but never worked, i changed our RAM and Graphics Cards and it still keeps freezeing and giveing this message

    IT also happened with anotehr game he had "City Of Heroes" , its a MMORPG , quite a demanding one graphically (as is Medal of Honor to a certain degree) and it would freeze on taht as well, But wouldnt give the send report message

    Personally i think it may be his hard drive. It must be a piece of hardware. (Hope to god it aint the mobo) I decided to go into teh event viewr an to see if it said nethin. The errors it gave are attached to this message, i hope one of you can understand it. Ive attached the error itself, an teh "dr watson" version of it.

    I hope theres someone out there that can help, before we waste money on parts we dont need :blackeye:

    His specs are

    Xp Home (Only got SP1 jus now)
    Pentium 4 3.0ghz (not running to hot, thought of that)
    512 ram (2 256 sticks)
    Geforce Fx 5200
    200Geg HDD

    let me know if you need anything else
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