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First, hello all, I'm pretty new here, and not too experienced.
I'm desperate...I have played these games: Assassin's creed, Crysis, Call of Duty4, Medal of Honor:Airborne.
Here is the story: after I purchased my PC, games worked great for the first week or two, somehow. Then, Crysis and COD4 started to just freeze, it took crysis shorter time to freeze, around 10 mins, while it took cod4 20 mins~ till it froze, and my only solution is to restart my PC.(i didnt have MoH & Assassin's creed that time)
I have sended my PC for repair, and they said they switched PSU. I took my PC back and STILL having the same problem. I then installed MoH:A, played it and it didnt freeze. Then 1-2~ days later it froze(wanted to note it was a very hot day, my pc temp was up to 71C).
I took my pc for a full scan, I tould them my pc freeze and maybe my PC have too high temp. I got it back while they said my memory caused problem.
Now thats wierd, Assassin's Creedn works like a charm, played it over hour, so is Crysis(which used to freeze so fast) but COD4 and MoH:A STILL freeze my pc!
I'm so confused and have no idea what to do, I cant send my PC back to the lab, they will just do more *****ic pc scan and say everything is allright...

Oh, and about heating problems, they didnt fix it and their reason was that my PC have sensor and when it comes to too high heat it shuts down the pc, therfore it's not heating problems.
I dont know if it's really true, i'll post my temp while playing MoH:A with speedfan:

Core 0:50-52C
Core 1:50-52C
Core 2:50-52C
Core 3:50-52C

PC specs:

CEON 2GN DDR-2 800mhz
Fan case 12CM
Fan case 8CM 19dBA
8800GT 512MB DDR3 PCIE

Translated from hebrew. >< Please if any more information needed, just tell!
I hope you can help me, I'm really desperate here.:)
EDIT: I also tryed to update gfx drivers to latest. didnt work.


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what is Tempt3, that is out of site and u will have problems there. tempt1 is too hot itself,but not unbearable.


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Also something extremely wierd, my cod4 froze, then i waited a while and suddently Realtek HD audio manager poped up saying device unplugged and then device plugged, something very wierd! Only happend in cod4 tought, and only twice out of 3 times freezing.
what the heck!


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Some comment said it's 80% PSU problem, and I also played again cod4 today and not too soon it froze and did the same problem with the drivers. Do you believe if I get some extra fans + better PSU it will solve the problems?


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Are those idle temps ? says 50c then 52c ,

As for the first Temp, that is your CPU t case temp, and it will be 10c higher then the c core temps. What matters are the heat of the core temps, so you look @ that instead of the CPU temp,

If your getting 52c idle or whatever you meant by that, then thats way hot, and your temps are normal. The t case is not the temp your consured with, its the t junction which are your core temps. Anyhow have you OCed the CPU ? It looks like your temps down the line are fine, its just their too hot. We need to cool you down so your idle is in 30's or low 40's , Then on load I don't know what you get.

As for the game issues. When your rig freezes like that it is not your CPU

When a CPU gets throttled and can't hang anymore you will get a BSOD ,, OR a system shutdown.

It had nothing to do with PSU, but good try on that one. I believe the problem is your video card. It can be defective OR the GPU core is getting way to hot.

Or the memory is getting hot on the board, which usually just gives artifacts which you haven't seen.

I think you should try drivers 169.21 official for your card. Fill us in on what happens and GL my friend!!!


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About the heating, I believe it causes a small problem because:
I played cod4 for 20-30 mins and it froze,
I opened the case, putted a small fan next to it and played cod4 for over an hour, still it froze about a while, but way longer than it usually takes.
I dont have many cooling stuffs for my pc, its why I believe I have some heating problems, and no I havent OC my hardware.
And for the drivers, what do you mean? Sorry didnt understand that part!
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