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Gamespy interviews Warren Spector on Deus Ex 2

By Per Hansson
Feb 11, 2003
  1. As the title says, Gamespy has a write up on what I can really say is the best game I've ever played, go have a look at the interview and then tell us what you think about it. we didn't achieve what we were striving for on Deus Ex. What you do is you aim for the moon so you end up hitting Hawaii or something. If you aim for Hawaii you end up in Keokuk, Iowa or something, you know?
  2. running

    running TS Enthusiast Posts: 70

    “I hope players take away from it that we didn't sell out, just doing another game with a number after the name for profit, because we didn't.”-Warren Spector. I’m a Deus Ex fan, even if during the first moments of gameplay I thought it was basically UT with more storyline. The game is much more, and if some reviewer (GD) who never had a girlfriend and enjoys torturing small animals doesn’t have a clue about non-linear games, then it’s probably because the concept lies well above his understanding. Like WS mentioned, linear thinking has been with us since the beginning, so it’s a safe move to implement it. For hardcore gamers the word “accessible” is synonymous with over-simplifying; like the interviewer said: dumbing down.

    I enjoy some mindless shooting once in a while, but it quickly gets boring without some strategy elements. It’s like watching “Phantom Menace” and “The Empire Strikes Back”. Episode I may have more action (to say nothing of special effects), but no bets as to which movie is better. Just my two cents here…
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