Gaming Machine Vs. Graphic Machine

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I'm looking to build a new machine, as mine is well over a couple of years old. I was wondering if anybody knows the difference in between a computer gaming machine, and a graphics machine? I do a lot of graphics on here, but also weill be getting back into gaming.


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Everyone i know who does graphics has a mac, (shudder)
and everyone i know who plays games has a PC,

Heh, i know this didnt help you out to much, but i couldnt resist.

Knowing not jack about graphics, I would think that the better processor and vid card you can get, with lots of ram, you should be able to do pretty much anything. Games take computing power, as do graphics from my understanding, so i would think the higher end rig you can get, the better off you will be.
yeah, I see you couldn't :p

what you say is true though....still have to upgrade the motherboard to accept the newest graphics cards out there though... :|
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