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By Julio Franco
Jul 18, 2003
  1. Another Half-Life 2 mini trailer has been released today that features a minute and a half of gameplay footage set in Kleiner's Lab, demonstrating the interaction with the Alyx and Dr. Kleiner characters and a glimpse of combat.
    If you are up for a bigger download though, Arris (from our forums) pointed us to Fileplanet's 500+ MB, 25 minute, high resolution, full E3 trailer.

    A new multiplayer demo for Midnight Club II is now available, offering the opportunity to try out this recent street racing game by Angel Studios and Rockstar. This demo contains the L.A. level with three vehicles and four gameplay modes, playable with up to 8 gamers.

    Saw at Blue's that Monolith's first-person shooter follow-up to the science fiction flick is complete, TRON 2.0 has gone gold, although the game will not be available until August 26.
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