Keyboard / Mouse Gaming mouse problem -- skipping points on the X/Y axis...?


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Hi, I'm having problems with my mouse and video games. (PC). Please watch this video and I will be thankful. Basically my mouse skips and IDK why...

1. I get only 30ish FPS with a quad core 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM but I have integrated graphics, is it solely because of my integrated? (6550D, 4GB)

2. Radeon 6950 vs. 6970, is it JUST a FIRMWARE change, and will I be able to basically make a 6950 a 6970?

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: My mouse isn't a gaming mouse, it's just one that came with the comp, first when I'm like aiming, it's really inacurate because it seems like it skips some locations on the X-AXIS (and Y-AXIS) of the game...


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Well, I guess people were correct in saying that you need 60 fps for playing fps games (hopefully you guys can differ the two fps). If you're playing at 30 or 40 fps try reducing the settings and resolution to the point you get 60 fps with your integrated graphics, if that fixes the problem, then yes you need a new graphics card, the radeon hd 7870 is coming out in early March and is rumored to have pricing of sub $200 so I suggest you wait for that before getting the 6950 or 6970. And yes the 6950 and 6970 have more of a difference than just firmware look here to see the hardware differences.