Gaming networking problems

By ragne2
Jul 7, 2010
  1. Counter-strike source, in comming packets is too low

    the other day i was playing counter strike source, on the dirty skimmer server, when i was kicked from the server, and in a little box it said, something about, the amount of packets per second sent is to low, and it showed me in brackets how many packets per second, it was about 15.00 to 25.00, so i thought that's weird, i joined the server again and spoke to the server technician and he told me to get a LAN cable and run it from my from my modem to my computer. so later on i went and bought a LAN cable and i did this,
    i disconnected my PC from my wireless network (the modem is still on) and then plugged the LAN cable in. after this is showed me in the bottom left of the screen that it was connected 2 the internet, this made me happy. After i did that i restarted my PC and my modem and then got into counter strike-source and joined the server that told me that my packet rate is to low or something, and a while after playing i got kicked from the server for the packets per second.
    this then made me confused on what the hell is going on, i spoke 2 the server technician and he told me he would have 2 think about it.

    Why is this happening?
    How do i fix this problem?
    The message that pops up when i get kicked from the server says 'your incoming packets are to low'.
    How do u increase Ur incoming packets
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