Gartner: Half of all new smartphones run Android


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According to a third quarter analysis performed by Gartner, Google's Android continues to pick up steam. Out of 115 million smartphones shipped worldwide, Android was stamped on about 60 million of…

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'Microsoft' includes both Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7. I think it's safe to say that the loss comes at Windows Mobile's expense and not Windows Phone 7's.


Yes, that might be so. But it still tells us a story about how poorly Windows Phone 7 is performing. It's out for a while now, and it still has a dismissal smartphone share.


Ya I think Apples share will shoot up once the iPhone 4s Sales are added in. I know lots of people who waited for the new phone. One nice thing I like about the iPhone is on Verizon at least they don't load any of Verizon's bloatware or outside advertising on the phone. That is a big thing to me. I hope other manufactures stand up to Verizon.