Gearbox sorta, kinda shows off Borderlands 3 at GDC 2017

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Borderlands developer Gearbox Software made an appearance during Epic Games’ GDC press conference to showcase Unreal Engine 4, the game engine being used to create the next Borderlands game.

Gearbox President and CEO Randy Pitchford led the presentation in which he went from showing off simple shapes to characters and entire scenes that Polygon described as looking game-ready.

Although not specifically labeled as Borderlands 3, Pitchford confirmed at PAX East last year that the next game the studio would be working on after Battleborn and its DLC would be the Borderlands sequel. He also revealed that Scott Kester would serve as art director and that the storyline would be written by Mikey Neumann.

In fact, Pitchford said the game on display is not actual footage from Borderlands 3 but instead shows off what the game will look like using the engine.

While not a true look at Borderlands 3, the demo may very well highlight assets intended to be used in the game. Pitchford used a specific character throughout the demo, Forbes points out, and refused to show off her face which suggests she could be a character that gamers are already familiar with from a past game.

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I feel kinda sorry for Gearbox. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a bit rubbish. Battleborn flopped. They mist be running low on funds. Yet Borderlands 2 was a fantastic game! I really hope they can make a sequel that lives up to Borderlands 2 standards.

Also, nice to see some developers start to use Unreal Engine 4!
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