Gearbox teases mysterious new Borderlands game ahead of Pax East


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Now, Borderlands' veterans have an entirely new game to get excited about, and it could be called Masks of Mayhem. Gearbox published a brief teaser trailer for the game today (watch that below), and it's packed with plenty of secret goodies that discerning series fans will probably pick up on.

Given that I'm not one of those individuals, I'm afraid I can't give you much insight into what Gearbox is planning here. At the very least, there appear to be a few never-before-seen characters in the teaser, though it's tough to say whether or not they'll be playable characters, NPCs, generic enemies, or something in between.

Anyway, if that teaser wasn't enough to get you hyped, Gearbox promises a bigger reveal during their official Pax East livestream, which you can tune into tomorrow on the Borderlands website at 2PM EDT (11AM PDT).

It's not clear what Gearbox will show off during said stream, but a brief gameplay demonstration seems likely. Perhaps we'll even see a release date announcement, though there's a good chance the studio will hold off on revealing that information until E3 (if not later).

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What a cryptic video... even the huge followers are going to have trouble discerning some of that. As long as they somewhat closely follow the gameplay elements that made it such a fantastic game I imagine it should be another good seller. I personally would like to see at least eight or more coop player support and, this is me dreaming here, but proper VR support. My friends and I still do LAN parties and we always were sad that coop only supported four players. It was one of those games we only played near the beginning or end of the LAN party when there was only 3-6 of us...