GeForce 3 Ti 500

By Roro
Apr 24, 2004
  1. Hy

    is it possible to find this type of graphic card with PCI interface?
    And wich is better the GFX 5200 or the GF3 Ti 500? (in PCI)

  2. Tarkus

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  3. Steg

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    There were no cards in the GeForce 3 line built on a PCI interface - hell, there were only 3 cards in the Ge3 line, it was the shortest nvidia line ever i think - and any motherboard that does not have a AGP slot probebly would not really benefit from the power of a GF3Ti500.
    Im afraid the leaves you with the FX5200 - which is (even compaired to the nearly 3 year old Ge3) slow.
    With this upcoming generation of cards both major graphics card development companies are phasing out AGP - so i doubt there is any more PCI coming to the market any time soon.

    Hope that helps

    BTW - Welcome to Techspot :wave:

  4. Rick

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    We'll be asking the same question about Geforce 9800s for AGP in the next couple of years... With PCI express right around the corner.
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