Geforce 6800 SLI problem

By Hodsocks
Mar 18, 2009
  1. I am looking at a Packard Bell pc with twin graphics cards which is giving me some grief. I have recently reloaded all the software onto the machine and loaded the drivers that I downloaded off the PB website, they all seem to work Ok except that if I switch off the pc when I restart it a message pops up telling me that the SLI configuration is not available as I need 2 graphics cards. When I go into Device manager one of the graphics cards has an exclamation mark next to it but the other is fine, if I reload the drivers it works Ok until I switch the machine off.
    I downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia which seem to have resolved this issue except that I am getting other problems like black screens occasionally and sometimes the screen goes off completely. The pc is running Windows XP SP3.
    Has anyone any suggestions as to what may be going on here?

    I noticed that due to the proximity of the cards to each other one does seem to het hotter than the other, could it be a temperature problem, although it has been working OK for a couple of years or more.
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