Geforce FX5700 OC problems PLEASE HELP!

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hi all, this being my first post hopefully you all can help me.

The problem:
BFG Technologies Geforce FX 5700 OC 256mb (card is OC from factory)

my system:
Processor: AMD Sempron 2500+ 1.75GHZ
MOBO: MSI mainboard with via chipset Model# KM400A
Memory: 1gb(2 sticks) of PC3200 400mhz
Power source: Antec 430w true power
Hard drive: Seagate 7200rpm 60gb
Sound: SB Live X-Gamer 5.1

I have a Card cooler on the video card (the twin fan thing held in place by a pci slot, no connectors to PCI slot runs of PS lead)
I have 2-4" case fans, processor fan.

Playing World of Warcraft causes the entire computer to completely lock up after about 30 mins-1hr of gameplay. This lockup is reproducable with any graphics intensive game i have. (including C&C Generals) I have been through 7 RMA's with BFG. the 5700 was an upgrade from my Ti4200 (which worked perfectly except that the fan stopped working every 6 months and required a new RMA to fix the fan, hence the upgrade)

the lockup dosent give a Blue screen or any errors it simply freezes everything and the in game sounds stutter and replay then stutter again. but the mouse, keyboard etc... are all frozen.

The 3 5700's BFG has tried with me ALL have had the same problem.

Any ideas?
well, i cant think that the ram would be an issue. It has worked very reliably for almost a year. Both sticks are Kingston. The only change has been BFG's card upgrade. However out of frustration i bought a Radeon X700 pro 256 mb tonight. well see what happens. If this card works like i think it will, i will be able to tell very easily that BFG is full of it...
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